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An amazing journey into the sky: The Enthronement

Let us consider an awesome journey into the sky:

Acts 1:9 And after he [Jesus] had said these things, while they were looking on, he was lifted up and a cloud caught him up from their vision. 10 And as they were gazing into the sky while he was on his way, also, look! two men in white garments stood alongside them, 11 and they said: “Men of Gal′i·lee, why do YOU stand looking into the sky? This Jesus who was received up from YOU into the sky will come thus in the same manner+ as YOU have beheld him going into the sky.”

"This Jesus who was received up from YOU into the sky”

How was Jesus received up into the sky? Is it even possible to know it? Yes! Let us find out:

Just get your celestial aircraft and set its coordinates to Daniel 7:13,14

13 “I kept on beholding in the visions of the night, and, see there! with the clouds of the heavens someone like a son of man happened to be coming; and to the Ancient of Days he gained access, and they brought him up close even before that One. 14 And to him there were given rulership and dignity and kingdom,that the peoples, national groups and languages should all serve even him. His rulership is an indefinitely lasting rulership that will not pass away, and his kingdom one that will not be brought to ruin.

Wonderful! Jesus coming before Jehovah in order to receive the Kingdom of Heaven!

We can also hear what Jehovah said to Jesus on that awesome occasion:

Just Tune your celestial transceiver in the frequency of Acts 2:33-35

Acts 2:33 Therefore because he was exalted to the right hand of God and received the promised holy spirit from the Father, he has poured out this which YOU see and hear. 34 Actually David did not ascend to the heavens, but he himself says, ‘Jehovah said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, 35 until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”

Sit at my right hand, until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”’

The Enthronement of Jesus: Jehovah gave His throne to Jesus

To be enthroned = to sit on the throne = Reign as King

Hebrews 12:2 as we look intently at the Chief Agent [KING] and Perfecter of our faith, Jesus. For the joy that was set before him he endured a torture stake, despising shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. [ENTHRONED = RULING AS KING]

Ephesians 1:20 with which he [Jehovah] has operated in the case of the Christ when he raised him up from the dead and seated him at his right hand in the heavenly places, 21 far above every government and authority and power and lordship and every name named, not only in this system of things, but also in that to come.

Colossians 3:1 If, however, YOU were raised up with the Christ, go on seeking the things above, where the Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

1 Peter 3:22 He is at God’s right hand, for he went his way to heaven; and angels and authorities and powers were made subject to him.

Philippians 2:9 For this very reason also God exalted him to a superior position and kindly gave him the name that is above every [other] name, 10 so that in the name of Jesus every knee should bend of those in heaven and those on earth and those under the ground, 11 and every tongue should openly acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord [King] to the glory of God the Father.

'Sit at my right hand, Reign'

The kingdom of God was given to a new nation

Matthew 21:43 This is why I say to YOU, The kingdom of God will be taken from YOU and be given to a nation producing its fruits.

Jehovah gave a new nation to Jesus Christ (Matthew 21:43) That new nation would represent (an Embassy) the Kingdom of God on earth. A new nation formed of Jehovah's people, people of all the nations, whose King is Jesus, great David. Christian nation.

Such new “Israel of God” (christians nation) would have a new Temple as well (1 Cor 3:16 , Acts 11:26)

Acts 15: 15 And with this the words of the Prophets agree, just as it is written, 16 ‘After these things I shall return and rebuild the booth of David that is fallen down; and I shall rebuild its ruins and erect it again, 17 in order that those who remain of the men may earnestly seek Jehovah, together with people of all the nations, people who are called by my name, says Jehovah, who is doing these things, 18 known from of old.’

David's House [King's house] was ruined: 
Ezekiel 21:26 this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, ‘Remove the turban, and lift off the crown. This will not be the same. Put on high even what is low,+ and bring low even the high one. 27 A ruin, a ruin, a ruin [Babylon] I shall make it. As for this also, it will certainly become no [one’s] until he comes who has the legal right, and I must give [it] to him.’ 

Acts 10:45 And the faithful ones that had come with Peter who were of those circumcised were amazed, because the free gift of the holy spirit was being poured out also upon people of the nations.

The place, The Temple (people -1Cor 3:16), where Jehovah makes to reside His name, the name of King Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit (no earthly thing at all, no organizational Idol, Baal/Moloch false kings)

That Temple represents on earth, since first century, as an embassy, the Kingdom of Heaven ( There are no 2520 years of interruption at all, 1914 = trinity = illogical =ambiguous expressions = Babylonian captivity )

Acts 17:7
7 And all these [men - true Jehovah Witnesses - christians] act in opposition to the decrees of Caesar [GB], saying there is another king, Jesus.”

Are you a true Jehovah Witness, a christian?

When the Temple work is finished, we will have:
“The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ"

The kingdom of the world itself will be agglutinated into the Kingdom of heaven!  

May you have peace. 

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