quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

English articles

    1914 doctrine debunked:
The Davidic covenant - the Leader (english)
Jerusalem and the Kingdom of God (english)
Jesus was exalted by God as King of the Kingdom of Heaven 
Jehovah God, King Jesus VS "other’s errors" (english)
An amazing journey into the sky: The Enthronement
- Kingdom of David: Ruin and Restoration - Jesus is The Lord
- The Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Jesus, to the glory of God
 - All that my Father has is mine

  Christian Sonship: The True Good News
 - I too will love them and reveal myself to them - The Anointing
  - Little Flock and Other Sheep, Who are they?
  - The rest of the dead, is it the true good news?
 -  Just as many as Yah may call to him
 - If anyone loves me, my Father will love him
   Who is your  Head?
Jesus, The Governing Head

   Beast out of the earth, the time of the end
The final part of denunciation: Get out of her lies 
Babylon captivity: the beginning and its final part 

The day that Noah entered into the ark: The   Termination (Συντέλεια - Synteleia)

   the God of our Lord Jesus Christ

 - you believe in God, believe also in Jesus

 - Blood issue
  Mercy: The Rule of Love 
  The Operation of the Lack of Love

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